Hey, I’m here wendy!


Since I was a child, I liked to find beauty in everything. In clothing, interiors, people, places, food … everything.


I am a very visual person, so when I discovered Pinterest, it was a dream come true for me. Every time I had a little free time during travel after I woke up and before going to bed, I always found myself browsing Pinterest and looking for more inspiration.


I like it because it keeps helping me find new beautiful things. With this blog, I wanted to create a place where I can gather these ideas and share them with people who like the same things I do. Whether fashion, cosmetics, hairstyles … everything is beautiful in a place here.


I would like to make it clear here that my intention is not to sell or entice you into any kind of purchase. This is a purely educational website/blogging website where I share simple home decorating ideas with nail, hairstyles, travel, and other blogs.


About Take Down Request

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